With Limited commercial service to many destinations, private jet travel is one option that will save you time and provide you less contact with others.  Whether you own a second home or want to escape the cold for a long weekend or more… here are a few popular destinations with flight times, and few things you might have never known….

TLPL – St. Lucia

5 hours from Toronto by private jet, this tiny island only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide.  With pristine beaches, mountains and even a tropical jungle.

The airport has one main runway 10/28 over 9000 feet in length, the FBO offers International customs for arrivals. A valid passport is required.  The FBO can assist with Ground Transportation and or local information if you are first time visitor.

Did you know… St. Lucia is home to the “world’s only drive-in volcano” at Sulphur Springs Park. Created 410,000 years ago, this active volcano features bubbling springs and warm sulfuric pools where visitors come to take a dip.

TMPB – Barbados

5 hours of flight time from Toronto, this popular winter get a way just South of St. Lucia and boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

For travel a valid passport is required and entry from some countries will require a visa.   Please check with your charter representative well in advance if you think you might require a visa application.

Did you know… Barbados was the only holiday destination in the world to be privileged enough to have a scheduled flight with Concord. Concord stopped flying to the island in 2003 when it was decommissioned, but there is an incredibly interesting concord museum located beside the island’s main international airport – Grantley Adams. During the years Concord flew, it made more than 7000 flights to Barbados and carried lots of famous people including Elton John, Prince Albert of Monaco and even Mick Jagger.

MDPC – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

4 hour flight from Toronto by private jet.  One main runway 09/27 over 10,000 feet this airport can receive any size corporate aircraft.  You will require a valid passport for entry.   This airport also had more commercial arrivals from Toronto than any other city in the world in 2019, with over 600,000 visitors.

Did you know… Defy gravity in Barahona! In the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic, there is a town called Polo. There you can go challenge gravity at the Magnetic Pole (El Polo Magnético). If you stop your car in neutral gear downhill, your car will roll up! As cool as it sounds, this is what’s called a gravity hill. This is caused by an optical illusion that has to do with the shape of the road and the landscape. Still, pretty cool to experience in person!

MKJS  Montego Bay, Jamaica

Just 4 hours door to door to Montego Bay from Toronto.  The beaches are dotted with beautiful resorts and white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see.

The airport located just 3 miles from Montego Bay.  With one main runway 25/07 and over 8700 feet in length.  This full-service airport has one FBO and offers customs clearance on site.  A valid passport is required for travel.

Did you know… Cranberry is very popular in Jamaica. Since cranberry does not grow in Jamaica, it has to be imported and is perceived as a luxury item. Cranberry water is the most popular derivative of the fruit. It is an amazing thirst-quencher, especially during the island’s regular heat waves. It has even become more popular than coconut water for surviving the hot environment. Cranberry juice is also popular because it is used to chase rum. If you tell the bartender that you want a chaser, they may automatically assume you are referring to cranberry juice…

MYNN – Nassau, Bahamas   

Just over 3 hours from Toronto by private jet.  The airport has two runways 32/14 at 11,000 feet and 09/27 a little over 8000 feet.  The airport has two FBO’s and customs can be done on site.  You will require a valid passport for entry.    From Nassau there are serval small operators that can shuttle you to many of the other remote Islands in the area.

Did you know…  Not many Caribbean islands can claim this feat, but The Bahamas had a winter experience one cold January day, on the 17th of the month, in 1977 to be precise. Cold weather from southern Florida swept right down to the islands, and for the first time ever, it snowed in The Bahamas. Though there was no actual snow pile up leading to beaches and other areas being covered in slush, there were flurries aplenty in the city of Freeport, Grand Bahama.

MWCR – Cayman Islands

Just shy of 4 hours of flight time from Toronto to Grand Cayman this airport has one main runway 08/26 at 7000’ feet.   The FBO has customs right next door for a quick arrival.  Please note many airports in the Caribbean have limited hours (island time eh). The airport can only receive private jets from 7 PM o 7PM or special permissions must be requested.

Did you know… A secret lagoon on Grand Cayman is one of a handful of places in the world where the phenomenon of ‘bioluminescence’ can be found. Best described as underwater fairy dust, it is caused by a single cell organism reacting with the water which results in a green or blue light, and can be experienced on nights when there is a new moon by kayaking into the lagoon.

TNCM – Saint Martin

5 hours from Toronto by private jet with one main runway (one of the most famous in the world) Runway 10/28 just over 7500 feet and right next to the beach.    International arrivals with customs at the airport and ground transportation.  They even offer charter service by boat to your yacht right from the airport if needed.

Did you know…  St.Maarten – St.Martin is 37 square miles of tropical paradise, and it also boasts 37 beaches! Each beach is unique and offers something different to enjoy. The most famous beach on the island is Orient Bay Beach, a strip of white sand lined with beach bars, restaurants, and equipment rentals. However, the island’s very best beaches are the hidden secrets tucked away in remote corners. 

MBPV – Turks and Caicos

Three and half hours from Toronto by private jet.   Runway 28/10 at just over 7500 feet is a popular destination year-round.   With two major FBO’s at the airport and customs right on site.   Private jets are always welcome.    You will require a passport for entry.

Did you know…  The Turks and Caicos Islands have considered joining Canada three times, in 1917, 1974, and 2004.

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