MARCH 2020

Security, safety and privacy are paramount to an FBO and Charter operation.

If you are learning about private jet charter or are a frequent visitor to Toronto, one important and essential aspect of flying privately is just that… Privacy.

At Skycharter we have taken this trust personally for over 50 years. Used by famous and prominent individuals from sport, government, entertainment and business, Skycharter provides the utmost discretion in its private terminal. Skycharter monitors and screens all access to its facilities, providing peace of mind with bespoke customer services for passengers and crew.

We have put together a list of questions you might want to ask your private jet operator about privacy and discretion.

  1. How do guests and drivers enter the FBO?
  2. What is the screening policy for guests and drivers?
  3. Does the FBO offer airside access for departures and arrivals? Are there any exclusions?
  4. Is there international customs clearance available onsite?
  5. How is my personal information protected?
  6. Is the Reception area open to the public?
  7. Can I leave my car parked safely?
  8. Can I drive my car directly to my plane?
  9. Can I pick up a rental car or get a limousine at the FBO?
  10. How is my privacy managed when I land at my destination?

It is important to understand how the FBO and the charter operator work together to protect your privacy.

Private jet charter gets you to your destination quicker, with less contact and more control over your environment.  To learn more about how private jet charter can remove the stress and wasted time of moving through the airport, contact Skycharter, with over 50 years’ experience at Toronto’s CYYZ.

We look forward to exploring private jet charter with you!



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