Over the last several months you might have been considering private aviation and are looking to learn more and understand how it all works. The marketing and booking of charter aircraft are now layered with many new options and considerations. Today we want to explain the difference between an Aircraft operator and a Charter Broker.

Aircraft Operator

An aircraft operator in North America (United States and Canada) hold a license or “certificate” issued by the FAA in the United States and in Canada by Transport Canada. This certificate gives the company the right to market and sell direct flights to individuals.

You will hear pilots or dispatchers, talk about Part 135 or Part 704 operations. That defines the trip as being flown for revenue, just like the airlines. The difference is, you charter the entire aircraft, control whom is flying with you, what time you want to leave and where you want to go. Because you are speaking directly with the team that scheduled and manages the calendar, you will have access to real time information.

The operations and sales team are always in contact with maintenance department and the chief pilot. So, if there are questions about a certain airports or upcoming weather, we can confirm or make recommendations to help you with complicated missions.

To address safety most operators, subscribe to third party safety audits. This audit will compliment the standards set forth by Transport Canada to help enhance overall safety, both in the air and on the ground.

Charter Broker

A charter broker is an independent third party that bring both the operator and end user together.  The broker charges a management fee for this service.

Brokers are a valuable relationship to have if you travel from other locations than you home base. Brokers establish working relationships with operators and create a fleet of trusted aircraft all over the world. With the increase in interest in private aviation, many new brokers have entered the market with incentives to save you money or provide additional services.

Learning the difference between an aircraft operator vs a charter broker, is a key role in chartering an aircraft. It is always a good idea to ask for references and do a check because if it is too good to be true…it probably is.

Understanding private jets, who flies, who sells and who has your best interest in mind. It’s worth asking a bunch of questions and understand who you are working with and the relationship you are entering into.

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