Skycharter has served the Canadian business community safely and reliably for nearly 50 years.

Skycharter is very proud to be the recipient of the Consumers' Choice Award for Best Executive Charter Company, Toronto for multiple years. There's no better recognition than that awarded by our customers.

We meet all your travel needs
When you book with Skycharter, rest assured that all your travel needs will be met.

Skycharter's executive charter specialists know the industry and work with you to determine the best options for your travel needs. Your charter specialist ensures your entire trip - from catering to ground transportation - runs effortlessly and efficiently.

We will help organize all the logistics of your travel, including:

  • Limousine and car rental arrangements - at your destination and upon return
  • Catering
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Conference rooms
  • Special requests

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Private air charter is the best-kept secret for today's companies seeking to increase productivity through effective use of time and resources.

Chartering your own plane is not only a safer, faster and more reliable method of travel than standard commercial airlines, but can also be far less expensive.

Compare the time you'd save traveling with Skycharter versus a commercial carrier.

Travel Schedule
Check in/Security Clearance/Board Plane
2 hrs. +
5 mins.
Taxi and Take-off
20 - 30 mins.
10 -15 mins.
Landing and Gate docking
20 + mins.
5 mins.
Baggage Wait and Security/Customs Clearance
30 – 45 mins.
5 – 10 mins.
Get taxi/limo and exit main airport area or walk and check in to rental car
30-45 mins. +
Limo/rental car ramped for aircraft arrival
Total non-productive time
4 hrs. 00 minutes
35 minutes
How much is half a day worth to you and your colleagues?
Still think chartering your own aircraft is too expensive? Let's compare a charter from Toronto to New York for same day travel for seven passengers.

Travel Schedule
Toronto – New York (La Guardia)
1 hr 40 mins
Toronto – Teterboro, NJ
1 hr. 10 mins.
Drive into Manhatten: Commercial from LaGuardia vs. Private from Teterboro, NJ (rush-hour)
1 hour +
45 mins.
7 business class tickets, including taxes vs. 7-passenger private jet, including taxes

If your meeting finishes earlier or later than expected, with Skycharter your plane is ready when you are. This means that instead of staying overnight, or sitting in traffic, or waiting at the airport, you're already home, refreshed and ready for work the next day.

The value of work/life balance

With private air charter you gain:
  • Security- travel with people you know
  • Savings - overnight costs: hotels, meals, etc.
  • Flexibility - Skycharter works to your schedule - your plane is ready when you are
  • Excellent work/life balance - employees are able to be home within a single business day
  • Time - no waiting leads to increased productivity from more motivated employees
Choose Skycharter as your private jet charter in Toronto