For nearly 50 years, Skycharter's industry professionals have been in the business of aircraft acquisition and management. Experts in aviation and jet equipment, Skycharter's senior team of aviation specialists assists you in making the right aircraft purchase for you and your company.

Private or commercial, we offer convenience and security
Whether you operate your aircraft privately or commercially, you'll appreciate the convenience of operating from Skycharter's own FBO facility at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

Planning a private operation
Skycharter provides expert assistance in crewing and maintenance. Equipped with decades of industry knowledge and experience, we make sure you receive the lowest operating costs for insurance, hangar, and fuel throughout the world.

Planning a commercial operation
Skycharter's commercial license provides you with tax breaks and ancillary charter income to help defray the cost of operation.

As an independent full-service aviation company, Skycharter offers you concierge service and cost savings other operators in Toronto cannot. Whatever option you choose, you'll appreciate the convenience of operating from Skycharter's private FBO facility at Toronto's Pearson Airport.

Why Choose Skycharter?

  • Security-monitored facility, including private passenger lounge area
  • Skycharter's Premium location - saving you at least 20 minutes to downtown Toronto
  • Over 80,000 square feet of heated hangar space able to accommodate almost any aircraft you choose to acquire
  • Private parking for your vehicles
  • In-hangar boarding during inclement weather
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated operations personnel
  • Technical and maintenance personnel available 24/7
Aircraft Management Inquiry
If you are interested in purchasing an aircraft, or already own an aircraft and would like more information on Skycharter's aircraft management program, please contact Skycharter.