About Us

Skycharter was founded in 1968 by entrepreneur and airline transport pilot Irv Shoichet. Employing the most experienced pilots and maintaining aircraft to standards that exceed industry norms, the charter fleet grew to 11 executive jet aircraft - the largest privately-owned fleet in Canada.

Skycharter pioneered executive air charter throughout Canada and North America, establishing benchmarks for ourselves and those who followed. We have provided thousands of flights for North America's top-performing public and private corporations, while maintaining an unblemished safety record.

Why choose Skycharter?

Skycharter's operations, maintenance standards, policies and procedures have become standards for the industry; often copied, but never exceeded. A fully-integrated operator, Skycharter offers efficiencies, conveniences, and flexibility unavailable to others. We offer both private and commercial management of business aircraft, charter services recognized as "best in class", award-winning FBO services "Preferred" by over 2700 members of North America's Corporate Aircraft Association. Why choose Skycharter? Because you can rely on nearly 50 years of experience informing what we do, contributing to our company-wide commitment to giving you the best value and service available at Toronto CYYZ.